Know the difference between a Hedge Cutter and a Hedge Trimmer

Hii guys!! Were you shocked on reading this title?? Hedge Cutters and Hedge Trimmers are two different things….how strange!! But let me make clear, YES these both are different, and very few of us are familiar with this. 

How these two vary from each other, let’s check it out here in this blog!


Most of us have hedges to add privacy and security to our properties, so a hedge trimmer is a must-have piece of equipment to keep them in check. Hedge cutters are available in a variety of powered configurations; electrical models are powered by a mains cable and are therefore suitable for use where a power socket is accessible. Petrol models can be used anywhere, and there is no cord to cut accidentally. These models are typically heavier and noisier. Cordless models provide the same freedom as gasoline models but are quieter and lighter. Because of the battery’s limited run time, these gardening tools are best suited to smaller projects, or if you purchase a separate battery, you will have more running time.

Hedge Trimmers

This tool does exactly what its name implies: it trims your hedges. Newer baby hedges that have recently been planted and are still in the process of forming do not require much attention. Light pruning with shears or a hedge trimmer is acceptable on occasion.

Trimmers are more commonly used for light branch and bush work. The more elaborate the effect you want from your hedges, the more often you’ll be out there with your hedge trimmer perfecting them. Hedge trimmers are the tools for the job here, whether it’s something more elaborate or a simple pruned boxed hedge effect.

Hedge Cutters

Trimmers handle the lighter, more delicate jobs on your hedges, whereas cutters handle the more heavy-duty work. Because they must deal with a much larger and usually thicker workload, these are much more robust.

Finishing touches should not be done with a cutter. They are more effective at cutting through thicker hedges and breaking down larger branches. They typically have larger blades, so hedge cutters are ideal for large jobs where the goal is chopping and cutting rather than shaping.


While hedge cutters and hedge trimmers have many similarities, they are not the same thing. If you use trimmers for work that requires cutters, the job will take forever or your trimmers will break on thicker branches. If you try to use cutters to do a job that requires trimmers, you will end up ruining the shape and/or appearance of your lovely hedge or bush.

It’s essential to have both of these tools in your arsenal if you want to keep your hedges in good shape. Cutters for when you come across any large, tough branches or clumps in your bushes, and trimmers for giving your hedges the perfectly manicured look you desire.

Where to buy these?

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Thanks for reading this blog!!