Direct Safety Work Boots & Shoes Online Canada 2022

Safety Work Boots & Shoes

Safety shoes and boots for men with steel toes, composite toes, and alloy toes. You’ll find everything you need for your job, whether it’s toe protection, a puncture-resistant sole, static dissipative, or any other unique requirement. The widest range of work safety footwear in Canada is available at cordless power tool!
Dear Clients: We are a Canadian family operating a family business in Coquitlam (near Vancouver, BC) and selling our CSA approved safety shoes and boots. We strive to reduce our company’s overhead expenses, and as you can see, our prices are 40-60% lower than comparable Amazon products in some circumstances. We don’t have a lot of overhead costs. We don’t pay for warehouses or offices and instead store our goods on our own premises. **WE NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE AND SUPPORT** We value all of our customers and recognize them as the reason we are able to feed our families.

Please buy these items and make sure they are long-lasting, well-made, and reasonably priced. If you don’t like the products when they arrive, you can return them with no questions asked and receive a full refund. Please do not use them if you wish to return them. We will lose money as a result of this. ***Dear Clients, Please don’t wear footwear that doesn’t have a CSA-approved green tag. You will not be covered by WCB or any other insurance if you use them and injure yourself while working.