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The 2500i inverter generator is a portable power option for outdoor enthusiasts. From weekends in the woods to outdoor cookouts and get-togethers, this model provides the consistent power you need without disturbing neighbors or nearby wildlife. A multitude of delicate devices, equipment, and appliances demand clean power, which the 2500i provides. Its lightweight construction and compact, fully enclosed design make transportation simple, and its Automatic RPM Control feature decreases fuel consumption and noise emissions, allowing it to run silently for long periods of time. Craftsman’s 2500i inverter generator is ideal for any project around the house, tailgating for the big game, or simply wanting to improve your campground experience without disturbing people around you.

Built-in Handle — Makes it easy to move the generator around with with one hand.
Start – Stop The generator may be started quickly and easily using the choke dial.
Safe, clean electricity is produced via inverter technology, which is suitable for delicate electronics and tools.
With a fully enclosed case, the design is extremely quiet.
Automatic RPM Control — Reduces consumption and noise levels by adjusting engine rpm.