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Guide Rail

Whether in furniture manufacturing, interior finishing, or façade treatment, a guide rail can be used to make long, straight cuts with extreme precision. When using a router, portable circular saw, or plunge-cut saw, the universal rail offers outstanding results. In addition, it provides for quick and clean inclined cuts. The incorporated splinter guard on Festoon’s lightweight and sturdy aluminums rails clearly indicates the cutting line. They also keep the material from splintering, resulting in significant time savings in the finishing process. Simultaneously, the useful accessories extend the tool’s service life.

POWERTEC introduces the Guide Rail and Connector Set. This difficult-to-find all-in-one kit includes a useful combination of high-quality guide rails and appropriate connectors. This special combination offers a solid guide rail system for optimum track saw cutting operations at a great price. The accompanying tracks will assist you in aligning your saw for precise cuts that look professional. Each track serves as an optimizer, delivering consistent and remarkably accurate outcomes while saving you time and money through regulated assembly. Individual connections can be used to connect an unlimited number of guide rails. They’re compatible with Festool MFS templates and engineered to fit in integrated guide rail T-slots for secure cutting.