Festool Battery and Charger

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Exclusive Offers on Festool Battery and Charger

Don't miss out on the incredible deals on Festool batteries and chargers! When you grab Festool's powerhouse batteries and chargers, you're investing in top-tier power solutions perfectly synced with your Festool cordless gear. Festool stands tall in the world of high-quality woodworking and construction gear, boasting an impressive lineup of batteries and chargers crafted for bulletproof performance, catering to both seasoned pros and passionate DIYers. These batteries are meticulously engineered to deliver robust power and marathon runtime, ensuring your work proceeds seamlessly.

Festool batteries are available in various voltages, such as 18V or 36V, guaranteeing compatibility with a wide range of Festool tools. The capacity, measured in ampere-hours (Ah), reveals the battery's endurance and how long your gear can stay in action before a recharge. Packed with convenient features like built-in charge indicators and ergonomic designs, these batteries aim to make your work as smooth as silk.

Festool Battery Selection:

Standard Lithium-Ion Battery:

Festool's standard lithium-ion batteries are the reliable workhorses designed to deliver consistent and unwavering power to various cordless gear. Available in multiple voltages, such as 18V or 36V, they seamlessly pair with a diverse range of Festool tools. The ampere-hour (Ah) rating, the battery's secret sauce, reveals its capacity and how long it can keep your tools operational before a recharge. Thanks to advanced lithium-ion technology, these batteries ensure a steady power flow without annoying fade-outs during use.

High-Capacity Battery:

Festool's high-capacity lithium-ion batteries are the marathon runners, perfect for tasks that demand continuous operation. With enhanced Ah ratings, they possess the stamina to keep your tools running for extended periods before requiring a top-up. Light as a feather, these batteries allow you to work tirelessly without breaking a sweat.

Bluetooth Battery:

Festool's Bluetooth-ready batteries represent the future, incorporating tech to simplify your life. Through a sleek smartphone app, you can monitor your battery's charge level, check its history, and receive alerts when it's time for a recharge. It's like having your personal assistant, streamlining your workflow and ensuring your batteries remain in top-notch condition.

Festool Charger Variety:

Standard Charger:

Festool's standard charger is the dependable choice for giving your batteries a thorough sprucing up. It focuses on controlled charging to ensure your batteries last in the long run. This charger knows when to halt charging to maintain your battery's optimal condition. For those serious about longevity, this charger is the top pick.

Rapid Charger:

Festool's rapid charger is the speedster, designed to shave off precious minutes compared to slower alternatives. This charger employs smart charging techniques, delivering higher currents to your battery for a quicker return to action. Ideal when you want minimal downtime and a swift return to work. However, remember not to overdo fast charging, as it could impact your battery's long-term health.


Festool's AIRSTREAM charger is the superhero of chargers, equipped with top-notch cooling tech focused on speed and safety. Built-in fans kick heat to the curb during charging, ensuring your battery charges up faster while staying cool. A game-changer for those with demanding workloads requiring quick turnarounds between battery swaps. It's the answer to your prayers when you can't wait to get back in the game.

Charging Dock:

Festool's charging dock is the boss when it comes to keeping your batteries organized and topped up. Tailor-made for workshops or setups with multiple batteries in regular use, the charging dock keeps your batteries in line and ready to roll when you are. Ensure you have a squad of fully charged batteries prepared to take on the world.

Bluetooth Charger:

Festool's Bluetooth-enabled charger adds serious brainpower to the game. With a smartphone app, you can monitor your battery's charge, receive notifications when it's done, and delve into your battery's usage history. It's like having your very own battery assistant, enhancing convenience and enabling you to manage your battery game like a pro.

Powerful Features:

  • Advanced Lithium-Ion Technology: Festool batteries boast cutting-edge lithium-ion tech, delivering robust and reliable power to your cordless tools.
  • Voltage Variety: With voltages like 18V or 36V on the menu, Festool batteries are a one-stop-shop for your Festool cordless tools.
  • Capacity (Ah): The ampere-hour (Ah) rating is the key to understanding your battery's capacity and how long it can go before needing a pit stop. Bigger Ah means longer tool time.
  • High-Quality Guts: Festool doesn't compromise on battery cells; they're top-shelf to ensure steady performance, long life, and overall durability.
  • Charge Indicator Magic: Many Festool batteries come with built-in LED indicators that reveal your battery's charge level. No more surprises; you'll know what's what.
  • Speedy Charging: Festool chargers are in the fast lane, getting your batteries back in the game pronto while keeping them in top-notch condition.
  • Charging Turbo: For the speed demons, Festool offers a range of chargers, including rapid and AIRSTREAM chargers, designed to outpace those slow chargers.
  • Cool as a Cucumber: AIRSTREAM chargers bring the cool factor, thanks to snazzy cooling tech that ensures faster charging while keeping those batteries at a safe temperature.
  • Bluetooth Bliss: Some Festool chargers offer Bluetooth, giving you the lowdown on charging, so you know when it's time to roll up your sleeves. And it's all on your smartphone.

Safety First

  • Legit Festool Batteries Only: Stick to genuine Festool batteries made to match your tools. Using knockoff batteries is a big no-no, as it could lead to compatibility chaos and safety issues.
  • Regular Check-Up: Ensure you give your batteries a regular once-over. If you spot any cracks, leaks, or irregular shapes, discard them. Damaged batteries are a safety red flag.
  • Proper Storage: Stash your batteries in a cool, dry spot, well away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and moisture. Keep those batteries out of humid or damp environments.
  • Charge Up Safely: When it's juice time, make sure you're in a well-ventilated area that's not a fire hazard. Keep your batteries well clear of flammable materials while they charge.
  • Matchy-Matchy Chargers: Go with Festool chargers that match your battery's voltage and type. Using the wrong charger can be a real buzzkill for your batteries and safety.
  • Follow the Charger Script: Check out the battery and charger manuals for the 411 on charging rules and timings. Overdoing it with the charge or doing it wrong can mean battery trouble and safety stumbles.
  • Safety Nets: Festool chargers have your back with safety features that prevent overcharging, monitor temperature, and shut down automatically to keep your battery out of harm's way.
  • Charging Status Spy: Most chargers come with smart LED lights that inform you about your battery's charging progress. No more guesswork; you're in the know.
  • Cooling Confetti: If you're using an AIRSTREAM charger, ensure you have the airflow and space it needs. The cooling tech is there to keep things cool during charging.

Elevate your toolkit with Festool's state-of-the-art battery and charger systems. Secure your purchase now!