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With WORKWEAR & POUCHES’ revolutionary Tools In Bag modular tool pouch, you can keep all of your important tools right where you need them. The increased load of tools and materials is one of the most prevalent causes of workplace injuries, and our In Bag tool pouch helps you manage it. It can be worn with a conventional tool belt, but it works best with apparel that has In Bag loops. Arrange your tools in a more strategic manner around your body. Keep everything at your fingertips and distribute the weight appropriately throughout your body to reduce the risk of injury. Leave the cumbersome, inconvenient toolbox on the ground. Mobile In Bag modular carrying bags and materials are also available.

High-visibility materials Safety Reflective Mesh Vest is a unisex garment. It’s made of knitted fabric that’s 100 percent polyester and reflective material, and it’s breathable, lightweight, and long-lasting. It is possible to wash it in a washing machine.

Yellow and orange are high-visibility colours. Reflective Strips should be highlighted. It keeps you safe while cycling, walking, or participating in sports outside at night. The waist, chest, shoulders, and back are all covered in reflective stripes. While operating in daylight or low light circumstances, a safety vest provides 360° protection.