Good price for Karcher Pressure Washers Online Canada 2022

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karcher pressure washer

Why does Kircher stand out?
Kircher pressure washers are the ideal option for any cleaning operation, whether it’s gentle treatment or strong cleaning. Where grime formerly reigned supreme, cleanliness now reigns supreme. Kärcher adds and subtracts value from your environment: old becomes new, shabby becomes trendy. This is made possible by passionate engineering, the highest quality standards, and decades of experience in the creation of new high-pressure cleaners.

Quality assurance from a trusted brand

We offer the most reliable pressure washers on the market as the global market leader. Kärcher has stood for “Made in Germany” quality and innovation for over 75 years. All of our devices are made in our own factories to the highest quality standards. Before leaving the manufacturer, all goods are thoroughly tested for functionality and performance. As a result, we can always assure our customers that they are acquiring flawless items that speak for themselves in terms of performance and long service life.

Electric pressure washer with 1700 PSI and 1.2 GPM with a handy on/off foot switch

Three nozzles are included: 15° all-purpose nozzle, detergent nozzle, and turbo nozzle for maximum cleaning strength on difficult places
Large, easily removable container for storing accessories and personal stuff.

Setup takes only 5 minutes and requires no tools!

20-foot high-pressure hose A3/4 inch garden hose adapter