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Tool Box

A toolbox can refer to various types of storage for tools. It could be a small portable box that transports a few tools to a job site or a large storage system on casters. Modern toolboxes are mostly made of metal or plastic. Portable tool boxes are also known as hand boxes or portable tool storage. Most portable tool boxes have a single handle on top and a hinged lid. Many have a removable tote tray that sits on a flange inside the box’s lip, with a single larger compartment underneath. The tote tray aids in the organisation of smaller parts and accessories. Slide-out trays or cantilever trays are sometimes used in place of the removable tote tray in portable tool boxes. Metal toolboxes (typically steel) are heavier than plastic toolboxes.

When loaded with tools, a plastic toolbox can weigh the same as an equivalent steel box when empty. Metal boxes rust as well, and their sharp edges can leave marks on the surfaces of things they collide with. Metal, on the other hand, is known for being stronger than plastic, so its disadvantages should be balanced against the need to withstand abuse and support the weight of many tools.