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HJH SAFETY GLASSES ARE MADE FOR PROTECTION AND SAFETY. Impact protection against flying particles and chemical splatter is provided by safety goggles manufactured of scratch-resistant polycarbonate. Polycarbonate lenses, unlike glass and plastic, are lighter and do not shatter when struck. UV-protective eyewear also blocks out 99 percent of the sun’s rays. Long-term exposure to hazardous rays can cause eye illness and disease, so this function is quite useful in preventing it.

VENTILATION & ANTI-FOG The HJH protective eyewear’s indirect ventilation mechanism reduces atomization. The lens includes an anti-fog coating on the surface that effectively prevents water mist production. For a more comfortable fit, the vents are designed to promote internal air flow. For a greater range of protection, safety glasses and prescription glasses can be worn together, guaranteeing that a pair of Safety goggles fits your demands.

ENJOY SUPERIOR VISIBILITYProtective eyewear provides protection when and when it is most needed. The HJH Safety Goggles have special double-coated lenses. The anti-fog layer is on the inside of the lenses, while the anti-scratch coating is on the outside. Fogging and optical distortion are eliminated using high-quality clear lenses and coatings, allowing you to see better at all times. With scratch-resistant and fog-free safety glasses, you can work harder, quicker, and safer.