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Hyundai Generator

With a vast number of power outlets and the wattage to back them up, the HG8750 was built to meet your every requirement. Six regular outlets and two separate locking outlets ensure that you’ll have ample room for all of your devices, and rubber covers keep them all dry and clean. The 30 amp 120V and 120/240V locking ports can power your next special event, construction job, recreational vehicle, or your home in an emergency. The included battery powers the push-button electric start, making operation simple and reliable; no more recoil starts unless you wish to. There will be no more exhausted batteries, as a plug-in charger will recharge the battery and keep it healthy for long-term storage.

A huge metal fuel tank allows the generator to run for an astonishing 10 hours at 50% load, and the digital multi-meter allows you to keep track of your run time. Knowing how long your generator will operate over its lifetime can help you schedule maintenance at the necessary intervals using the simple maintenance handbook that comes with it. The steel frame is built to last, and the never-flat XL wheels and handles are no exception. The handles can be lifted to an optimally ergonomic position for more comfortable transport, requiring less bending over and lifting. You can rely on your Hyundai generator for the long haul with over 600 licenced service centres across North America to select from and a 3-year warranty.

AVR-equipped 420cc OHV engine delivers 7, 000 watts of operating power and 8, 750 watts of peak power.
Push-button electric start makes starting your portable generator simple, quick, and uncomplicated for everyone.
The trickle charging plug-in power cord keeps your battery charged and healthy while you’re not using it, considerably increasing the life of your battery.
The l5-30r at 120v and the l14-30r at 120v and 240v reliably power heavy amperage needs, making this the ideal RV generator and emergency home backup generator.
You’ll never have to choose which items to connect to your gas powered portable generator because there are six 20a 120v outlets to choose from.