Great buy Tool Pouches & Belts Online Canada 2022

Tool Pouches & Belts

With the right tool belt, pouch, or holder for each job, you can keep your tools and measuring supplies within easy reach.

Working With A Tool Belt

Customers who purchase tool belts and pouches from Construction Fasteners and Tools use them for DIY, construction, maintenance, utilities, and other tough jobs. Keep the following elements in mind to get the most out of your tool belt:

Prioritization of pouches: Most tool belt users set up their arrangement with a dominant and secondary bag. Your most vital tools are kept in the dominant pouch, which is kept on the side of your dominant hand. Meanwhile, the secondary bag will be located near your nondominant hand and will be used to store fasteners and small items.
Wear your tool belt properly and organise the pouches in a way that maximises their ergonomics. Keep additional pouches to a minimum and hang your dominant and secondary pouches near your thighs for stability.