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Milwaukee Hole Saw

A hole saw (also spelled hole saw), also known as a hole cutter, is a saw blade with an annular (ring) kerf that cuts a hole in the workpiece without removing the core material. It is employed in the construction of a drill. A pilot drill bit (arbor) is typically located in the center of a hole saw to prevent the saw teeth from walking. For relatively large holes (especially those larger than 25 millimeters (1.0 inch), the fact that a hole saw creates the hole without requiring the core to be cut up makes it preferable to twist drills or spade drills. The same hole can be dug faster and with less force.
Milwaukee hole saw cutter is made of high quality high speed steel Tooth with precision vacuum hardened increases tooth abrasion resistance, roughness, and sharply tool life Ideal for marble, concrete, brick, porcelain, ceramics, epoxy and woods