Milwaukee 48-22-0305 6 Inch Folding Jab Saw Compatible with Sawzall Reciprocating Saw Blades (Multi Purpose Blade Included)

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Milwaukee 48-22-0305 6 Inch Folding Jab Saw Compatible with Sawzall Reciprocating Saw Blades (Multi Purpose Blade Included)

If you need to cut things but don’t want the noise associated with a reciprocating saw, then this folding blade from Milwaukee will do the trick. With three blades included and many more from Milwaukee available for your purchase, you’ll be able to tackle a variety of materials and jobs with ease. Keep a comfortable grip with the rubberized overmold. It has notches, so even if you’re working in a slippery environment you’ll have an easy time holding on. When it comes time to switch out blades, you’ll have an easy time. Push in the button and pull out the blade; that’s all there is to it. Reverse the motion to insert a new blade. This particular model, the 48-22-0305, marks an improvement from previous models in terms of safety. Where previous models are fixed blades, this one has the ability to fold into the handle. This will keep your hands and your blades safe when the tool is not in use. If you need to cut through drywall, copper tubing, wood, or any other variety of materials, look no further than this Milwaukee folding jab saw. From the Manufacturer

The Milwaukee Folding Jab Saw offers a tool free blade change to avoid downtime in the field and a blade that folds into the handle for easy storage. Complete with rubber over mold to increase comfort and reduce hand slippage, the new saw uses standard Sawzall blades and includes a metal, wood and multi purpose blade for added customer value.


  • COMFORT GRIP HANDLE: Notched rubber lines the handle, which gives you a firm grip in slippery conditions
  • SAWZALL COMPATIBLE: This will work with the Milwaukee reciprocating saw blades, letting you tackle a variety of jobs and materials
  • TOOL-FREE BLADE CHANGE: Simply press and hold the button onboard the tool to remove your blades. Slide your new blade into the unit for an equally easy installation
  • FOLDING ACTION: This blade folds out and locks at 180 degrees when you need to do your work. When you’re finished and want to keep it in a safe position, fold it into the handle
  • INCLUDED BLADE: A metal core, thin kerf, multipurpose blade is included to help you cut through metal, wood, and PVC piping with equal ease