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Dewalt Cordless Chainsaws

The Brushless Engine in the Cordless XR Brushless Dewalt Chainsaws increases power and runtime, and the chain speed is 7.68 meters per second.

A Dewalt chainsaw (also known as a chainsaw[1]) is a portable gasoline, electric, or battery-powered saw that cuts using a set of teeth attached to a revolving chain that is propelled along a guide bar. It’s used for tree felling, climbing, bucking, trimming, cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression, and gathering firewood, among other things. As instruments for chainsaw art and chainsaw mills, chainsaws with specially designed bar-and-chain combinations have been produced. During building projects, specialized chainsaws are used to cut concrete. In Finland, for example, chainsaws are sometimes used to cut ice for ice sculpture and winter swimming.

Features Of Dewalt Chainsaw

Auxiliary handle on Dewalt Chainsaws for better balance and control. Automatic oiling cuts down on the amount of maintenance required.

Kickback is minimal. Oregon bar and chain, 16 in.
Chain tensioning and bar tightening knob that doesn’t require any tools.
With a quarter-turn oil lid and auto-oiling mechanism.
Brake with a chain.

Chain tensioning is done without the use of any tools, allowing for rapid and simple chain adjustments. For continual lubrication, use Auto-Oiling. Quick oil refills using a quarter-turn oil cap Kickback prevention with a chain brake *on a 6 in. × 6 in. pressure treated pine wood, up to 70 cuts per charge*