Buying Dewalt bit set Online Canada 2022

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Dewalt Bit Set

This screwdriver set comes with a variety of screw tips to meet all of your driving needs. These tips are specifically intended to reduce breakage when impact driving. They eliminate wobbles and minimize drops, allowing you to spend more time working and less time picking up dropped screws.

Impact Ready

accessories provide outstanding performance in high-torque situations. The Extended Flexor Zone on Flexor bits transfers optimal torque in hard joint applications while also providing durability and longer life. The bit tip is CNC machined for a perfect fit that reduces cam-out when torque is applied.

Insert bits, power bits, magnetic nutsetters, and a finder driver are included in the package.
For durability, it’s made of the highest-quality S2 tool steel.
Almost all driving and fastening applications are possible with this tool.