Buy Best Craftsman Cordless Angle Drill Online at Best Prices in Canada 2022

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Craftsman Cordless Angle Drill

When considering a Craftsman cordless angle drill, you're looking at a brand known for its history of quality tools. To make an informed buying decision, here's a detailed description to guide you. Die, 3/8 in., 19.2-volt drill/driver with a right angle handle and variable speed/reversible operation in a hard right angle configuration. The braking switch rapidly stops the chuck, allowing for easier and faster operation. Grip oversold.

Bit storage when drilling. Two d.E. Bits are included. Gain access to challenging spots with the right angle handle (ideal for electricians, plumbers, and framers) powerful 19.2v - gives you the most power for most drilling jobs. Variable speed enables speed to be matched to a variety of materials. Reversible reversible reversible reversible reversible reversible reversible reversible reversible re without the need for a chuck key, a keyless chuck allows for rapid and easy bit replacements.

Types Of Craftsman Cordless Angle Drills

Basic Cordless Angle Drills

Craftsman offers entry-level cordless angle drills that provide essential features for general drilling tasks. These drills are often lightweight and user-friendly, making them suitable for DIY projects and light-duty applications. They may come with adjustable speed settings and torque control, allowing you to tailor the tool's performance to different materials.

Professional-grade Cordless Angle Drills

Craftsman's professional-grade cordless angle drills are engineered for durability and heavy-duty performance. These drills often feature brushless motors for improved efficiency, longer runtime, and higher power output. They come with adjustable speed settings, precise torque control, and enhanced ergonomic designs to handle demanding tasks with precision and ease.

Compact Cordless Angle Drills

Craftsman offers compact cordless angle drills designed for working in tight spaces and confined areas. These drills feature a compact form factor, making them ideal for tasks that require maneuverability and access to hard-to-reach places. Despite their smaller size, they still offer a balance of power and performance.

Variable Voltage Cordless Angle Drills

Craftsman provides cordless angle drills with different voltage options, such as 20V MAX or 18V, allowing you to choose a model that matches your power requirements. Higher voltage options often deliver more power and performance, making them suitable for heavier tasks.

Cordless Angle Drill Kits

Craftsman offers comprehensive cordless angle drill kits that include the angle drill, batteries, charger, and sometimes additional accessories like drill bits or carrying cases. These kits are convenient for users who want a complete package and don't want to purchase each component separately.

Multi-tool Cordless Angle Drills

Craftsman's multi-tool cordless angle drills combine the functionality of an angle drill with other tool attachments, such as oscillating heads or sanding attachments. These versatile tools offer flexibility for a wide range of tasks, making them ideal for users who require multiple functions in one tool.

DIY and Homeowner Cordless Angle Drills

Craftsman offers angle drills designed with the needs of DIY enthusiasts and homeowners in mind. These drills provide a balance of power and affordability, making them suitable for common household projects and occasional use.

Cordless Angle Drill Accessories

Craftsman provides a variety of accessories for their cordless angle drills, including extra batteries, chargers, drill bit sets, and replacement parts. These accessories enhance the usability and versatility of the tool.


  1. Cordless Convenience: Craftsman offers cordless angle drills that provide the freedom to move around without the limitations of a power cord.
  2. Variable Speed Settings: Adjustable speed settings allow you to customize the drilling speed according to the material and application, providing better control and precision.
  3. Brushless Motor Technology: Some Craftsman cordless angle drills feature brushless motors for improved efficiency, longer runtime, and increased durability compared to brushed motors.
  4. Battery Compatibility: Look for compatibility with Craftsman's battery platforms, such as 20V MAX or 18V, ensuring you have the right power source for your tool.
  5. Adjustable Torque Settings: Adjustable torque settings help prevent over-tightening of screws and provide better control when working with different materials.
  6. Chuck Size: Depending on the model, you might find various chuck sizes (e.g., 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch) to accommodate different drill bit sizes.
  7. Ergonomic Design: Craftsman angle drills often feature ergonomic grips and balanced designs for comfortable use during extended periods.
  8. LED Work Light: Integrated LED lights illuminate the work area, enhancing visibility in dimly lit spaces.
  9. Compact Form Factor: Craftsman's angle drills are often designed to fit into tight spaces. Before making them suitable for tasks in confined or hard-to-reach areas.
  10. Safety Features: Look for features like trigger locks or safety switches to prevent accidental activation.
  11. Battery Life Indicator: Some models may have battery life indicators, allowing you to monitor the remaining charge.
  12. Quick-Change Chuck: A quick-change chuck enables the tool-free swapping of drill bits and accessories.