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Bosch Cordless Metal Shears

The Bosch 12V cordless metal shears are four times faster than traditional tin snips at cutting through metal. Even though it is small and light (weighing only 1.4kg), it is incredibly powerful, capable of cutting metal up to 1.3mm with ease. With a settable clearance between the blades, it’s easy to tailor the machine to the thickness of the material you’re working with. The shears include a reversible blade with four cutting edges, which means the blade will last much longer before needing to be replaced. Two 2.0Ah Li-ion batteries, a charger, and an alignment gauge are all included in the L-BOXX 102 carry box.

  • Straight and curved cuts are up to four times faster than with traditional tin snips.
    Extremely powerful: produces metal cuts up to 1.3 mm with ease.
    Unbelievably light (just 1.4 kg) and compact design for pleasant and fatigue-free working
  • Longer battery life and unrivalled battery runtime thanks to Bosch Premium lithium-ion technology.
  • ECP (Electronic Cell Protection) by Bosch protects the battery from overcharging, overheating, and deep discharge.
  • Due to the flexible Durashield shell, the device remains fully functioning even after falling 1 m onto concrete.
  • Three LEDs indicate the charge level of the battery.
  • For a longer lifespan, use a reversible blade with four cutting edges.
  • Cutting clearance between the blades can be set to suit the thickness of the material being worked on for best adjustment.