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A cordless caulking gun is one of the best investments you can make because it solves a lot of the problems that regular cordless caulking guns have. If you need to caulk cracks, holes, or massive mouldings but don’t want to strain your arms, this is the tool for you. You may accomplish the task considerably faster because of the increased pressure, less tiredness, and the lack of a wetting agent. The most powerful cordless caulk and glue gun available provides the best bead control. With the amazing pushing force of the M18TM Cordless 10-oz Caulk and Adhesive Gun, you can deliver caulk or adhesives smoothly and steadily, even with the highest viscosity materials.

CFTTM Constant Flow Technology prevents motor oscillation for consistent dispensing and even beads at all viscosity levels, thanks to all-metal gears that generate an industry-leading 950 lbs of force. The tool’s 0-21 inch per minute (IPM) flow rate is optimised via a variable-speed trigger and a six-setting maximum speed dial. When the trigger is released, the proprietary Milwaukee® anti-drip mechanism stops extra material from leaking out. The quick-change carriage design allows you to switch between 10-oz, quart, and sausage-style containers, while a rotating collar offers you full bead control around turns.

  • For the highest viscous materials, all-metal gears produce an industry-leading 950 lbs of dispensing force.
  • REDLITHIUM TM Battery Technology REDLITHIUM Battery Technology REDLITHIUM
  • Trigger with variable speed: CFTTMConstant Flow Technology provides a constant flow rate and equal beads at all viscosity levels, allowing for maximum flow rate and bead width management.
  • Anti-drip feature When the trigger is pulled, the substance immediately stops trickling.