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Makita Garden Shredder

Reduce the amount of waste in that pile of cuttings. Almost any type of garden waste can be shredded by the Makita Garden Shredder. This Makita Garden Shredder has an easy-to-use control panel and a comfortable operation handle.

A tree chipper, also known as a woodchipper, is a machine that breaks down wood (usually tree limbs or trunks) into smaller wood chips. They are frequently portable, with wheels mounted on frames suitable for towing behind a truck or van. An internal combustion engine typically provides power ranging from 2 to 700 kilowatts (3 to 1,000 horsepower). There are also high-power chipper models that are mounted on trucks and run by a separate engine. These models are frequently equipped with a hydraulic crane.

Tree chippers are typically composed of a hopper with a collar, the chipper mechanism, and an optional chip collection bin.

Makita Garden Shredder Features

Makita Garden Shredder uses a cut and crush system to reduce the volume of shredded waste. Control panel with a simple anti-blocking system and a forward/reverse switch. Handholds on both sides provide a secure grip while in use and facilitate transport. Large, rubberized wheels make transportation simple, and cut-outs make the container fill level visible.