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Gardena Lawnmowers

All Gardena Lawnmowers operate on a contact-free cutting principle, which means that the rotating cylinder and fixed blade never come into contact. The space between the blades is still so small that the grass has been severely mowed. As a result, the Gardena Lawnmowers are extremely easy to manoeuvre and extremely quiet.GARDENA Hand Cylinder Lawnmowers 300 are environmentally friendly and operate without the use of electricity. The idea is simple: as you push, the cutting cylinder and bottom blade move independently. The blade of grass is picked up and cut in the same way that scissors are. The cutting cylinder and bottom blade do not touch, allowing for pleasant and low-noise work as well as easy pushing. The hardened, nonstick-coated cutting cylinder made of quality steel, as well as the ground bottom blade, ensure a clean and precise cut for superior lawn care. Large wheels with special tread aid in steering and provide good traction. The desired cutting height is easily adjustable using a controller and can be read on a scale.


Our Electric Gardena Lawnmowers provide optimal grass coverage and cutting performance thanks to the Power Plus motor and Dura Edge special toughened, curved blade. Using the edging combs on the side of the lawnmower, you can cut close to walls and edges. The comb draws grass into the blade, removing the need for extra trimming after each mowing.