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Ridgid Cordless Planer

The High-Performance Brushless Motor and Advanced Electronics in the Brushless 18V 3-1/4 in. Planer delivers best-in-class power and intelligence. Tools function better with all RIDGID 18V batteries, but when used with batteries, they perform at their best in high-demand situations (not included).

When used in conjunction with a battery (not supplied), this tool can provide up to 2.5X as much power as the previous model. This technology is supported by the only lifetime service in the industry with registration.

The Various Types Of Ridgid Cordless Planers

Ridgid, a brand known for its robust and reliable power tools, offers a diverse lineup of cordless planers that cater to the needs of woodworking professionals, DIY enthusiasts, and hobbyists. These cordless planers combine the convenience of cord-free operation with the precision and power required to achieve outstanding results in woodworking projects. Let's delve into the various types of Ridgid cordless planers, each tailored to specific tasks and skill levels.

Ridgid 18V Cordless Planer

This model operates on Ridgid's 18V battery platform, offering a combination of portability and performance. It's designed for versatility and is equipped with adjustable depth settings, enabling precise material removal. The 18V cordless planer is suitable for a wide range of woodworking tasks, from dimensioning lumber to creating chamfers and edge profiles.

Ridgid 12V Cordless Planer

Compact and lightweight, the 12V cordless planer is ideal for detail work and finish carpentry. Despite its smaller size, it's equipped with features that allow for precise material removal, making it suitable for tasks that demand intricate woodworking details.

Ridgid 18V Cordless Adjustable Bevel Planer

This planer offers the flexibility of adjustable bevel angles, allowing you to create beveled edges and angles with precision. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for tasks that require angled cuts and edge profiling.

Ridgid 18V Cordless Handheld Planer

The handheld design of this model is perfect for those who need a compact tool for precise trimming and shaping. It's suitable for a range of applications, from fitting doors to working on smaller projects that require attention to detail.

Ridgid 18V Cordless Dual-Blade Planer

The dual-blade system of this planer enhances material removal efficiency. With two blades working in tandem, it reduces the number of passes required to achieve smooth surfaces, making it advantageous for heavy-duty projects or rapid stock removal.

Ridgid 18V Cordless Planer Kit

These comprehensive kits often include the cordless planer, batteries, charger, and possibly additional accessories. Perfect for those who are new to Ridgid's cordless platform or those seeking a complete package, these kits provide everything you need to get started on your woodworking projects.


These features are designed to cater to various woodworking tasks and provide versatility for different skill levels. Here are some common features you can expect to find in Ridgid cordless planers:

  1. Cordless Convenience: Ridgid cordless planers operate without the need for cords, providing mobility and freedom to work in various locations without being tethered to power outlets.
  2. Battery Compatibility: Ridgid offers cordless planers that are compatible with their 18V battery platform, ensuring you have the necessary power for your tasks.
  3. Adjustable Depth Settings: Most Ridgid cordless planers come with adjustable depth settings. This allows you to control the depth of each pass, ensuring accurate and consistent material removal.
  4. Blade System: Ridgid cordless planers are equipp with quality blade systems. Some models feature dual blades for efficient material removal, while others use reversible blades that can be flipp for extended use.
  5. Dust Collection System: Many Ridgid cordless planers are equipp with dust collection ports or bags to capture wood chips and debris. This feature helps maintain a clean work area and improves visibility.
  6. Ergonomic Design: Ridgid prioritizes ergonomic designs to reduce user fatigue during prolonged use. Comfortable grips and balanced designs enhance user comfort.
  7. Adjustable Bevel Angles: Certain Ridgid cordless planers allow for adjustable bevel angles, enabling you to create beveled edges and angles with precision.
  8. Guide Fence: Some models include a guide fence that helps maintain straight and accurate cuts along the edge of the material.


These benefits encompass convenience, precision, and versatility, enhancing your woodworking experience. Here are some key advantages of using Ridgid cordless planers:

  1. Portability and Cord-Free Operation: The cordless design of Ridgid planers allows for unrestricted movement and versatility. You can work without the limitations of power cords, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor woodworking projects.
  2. Flexibility in Workspace: Cordless planers grant you the freedom to work in various locations, such as job sites, workshops, and remote areas. This flexibility is especially useful when power sources are scarce or inconvenient.
  3. Precision and Accuracy: Ridgid cordless planers feature adjustable depth settings and other features that enable precise material removal. This level of control ensures accurate dimensions and smooth finishes in your woodworking projects.
  4. Time Efficiency: Cordless planers, particularly those with robust motors and efficient cutting mechanisms, save you time by swiftly removing material. This is especially advantageous for tasks that involve dimensioning lumber, leveling surfaces, and achieving specific thicknesses.
  5. Quality of Finish: Ridgid cordless planers are design to deliver high-quality finishes on wood surfaces. Smooth and accurate cuts contribute to professional-looking results in your projects.
  6. Battery Technology: Ridgid's cordless planers often incorporate advanced battery technology, offering extended runtime and consistent power output. This ensures you can work for extended periods without interruptions.
  7. Ergonomics and Comfort: Ridgid prioritizes ergonomic designs for user comfort during prolonged use. Comfortable grips and balanced designs reduce user fatigue, enhancing your woodworking experience.


Using a Ridgid cordless planer safely is crucial to ensure a secure and accident-free woodworking experience. Here are important safety measures to follow when using a Ridgid cordless planer:

  • Read the Manual: Begin by thoroughly reading the user manual provided by Ridgid. The manual contains vital safety information, operational guidelines, and maintenance instructions.
  • Secure Workpiece: Ensure your workpiece is securely clamped or held in place to prevent another movement during operation. This minimizes the risk of kickback and enhances control.
  • Blade Installation: Follow Ridgid's instructions precisely when installing and securing the blades. Incorrect blade installation can lead to accidents.
  • Adjustable Depth Settings: Set the planer's depth to an appropriate level for the task. Avoid excessive depth settings that could strain the tool or lead to instability.
  • Start Away from Material: When turning on the planer, ensure the blades are not in contact with the workpiece. Start the tool away from the material and gradually approach the workpiece.
  • Two-Hand Operation: Maintain a firm grip on the tool with both hands during operation. This enhances control and reduces the likelihood of slippage.
  • Proper Positioning: Stand in a stable and balanced position with your body to the side of the tool's path. This minimizes the risk another of clothing getting caught in the planer and enhances control.