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Milwaukee Trimmers & Hedge Cutters

M18 FUELTM 24 “Hedge Trimmer has the ability to cut 34″ branches, cuts up to 30% faster, and has a run-time of up to 2 hours per charge. The handle placement and weight distribution are designed to meet the needs of landscape maintenance professionals, providing the best combination of balance and control. The trimmer has a slider-crank mechanism and an all-metal gear case for unrivalled durability and longevity. The 24” blade cuts more material in a single pass, extending reach and increasing productivity. The blade tip guard protects both the property and the blades from damage. M18 FUELTM 24 “Hedge Trimmer is fully compatible with the M18TM system’s 200+ solutions.


The POWERSTATETM brushless motor is more efficient, lasts longer, and delivers maximum power.
The REDLINK PLUSTM intelligence system provides advanced digital overload protection for the tool and battery while also improving tool performance under load.
Branches up to 20 mm in diameter can be cut with this power.
The 600 mm blade allows for more material to be cut in a single pass, increasing reach and productivity.
M18TM 9.0 Ah battery pack provides up to 2 hours of run time.
Cuts up to 30% faster than the cordless competitor
Battery system that is adaptable: works with all MILWAUKEE® M18TM batteries.