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Greenworks Chainsaws

When buying a Greenworks cordless chainsaw, you're opting for a tool from a brand known for producing environmentally friendly, battery-powered outdoor equipment. Greenworks offers a range of cordless chainsaw models that provide the convenience of cord-free operation while minimizing emissions and noise.

The battery-operated device Greenworks Chainsaws is as powerful and efficient as standard gas-powered chainsaws, but they emit no noise, smoke, or hazardous pollutants. A battery is used to power the brushless motor.

With the GreenWorks Pro 80V Li-Ion MAX system, Green Works is kicking off a revolution in outdoor power equipment. Professionals and heavy Dyers may now handle challenging jobs through diverse terrain without the inconvenience of gas, fumes, heavy gear, or the sensitive maintenance needs of gas-powered engines thanks to the simple electric start, lightweight designs, and quieter motor.

Green Works' lithium-ion technology and designs have advanced to the point that professionals can complete their tasks by just snapping in a battery and pressing a button, while still giving high-performance power and longer run time.

Types Of Greenworks Cordless Chainsaws:

Greenworks offers a diverse range of cordless chainsaw types designed to cater to various cutting needs and preferences. Each type is crafted to provide specific features, capabilities, and benefits, ensuring that users can find the perfect tool for their outdoor cutting tasks. Here's a comprehensive description of the different types of Greenworks cordless chainsaws:

1. Compact and Lightweight Chainsaws:

These chainsaws are designed for light to moderate cutting tasks, such as pruning, trimming, and small-scale landscaping. They feature compact designs, ergonomic handles, and relatively shorter bar lengths. Compact chainsaws are ideal for homeowners who require a user-friendly tool for routine yard maintenance.

2. Standard Chainsaws:

Standard cordless chainsaws strike a balance between power and maneuverability. They are suitable for a wide range of tasks, including cutting small to medium-sized logs, firewood, and larger branches. With longer bar lengths and efficient battery systems, these chainsaws offer versatility for both residential and professional use.

3. High-Performance Chainsaws:

High-performance Greenworks cordless chainsaws are engineered for demanding cutting tasks. With more powerful motors and larger bar lengths, these models can tackle heavy-duty applications, such as felling larger trees and processing substantial amounts of firewood. They are favored by professionals and users who require exceptional cutting performance.

4. Top-Handle Chainsaws:

Top-handle chainsaws are designed for professional arborists and tree care specialists. These models feature a handle on the top of the chainsaw, allowing for better control and maneuverability in tight spaces and while working at height. They are favored for precision cutting and pruning tasks.

5. Pole Chainsaws:

Greenworks offers cordless pole chainsaws that feature a telescopic pole for extended reach. These tools are excellent for trimming high branches and performing overhead cutting without the need for a ladder. Pole chainsaws are versatile and useful for maintaining trees and shrubs.

6. Brushless Chainsaws:

Brushless motor technology enhances efficiency and extends battery life. Chainsaws provide consistent power output, reduced maintenance requirements, and longer runtime, making them suitable for various cutting tasks.

7. Combination Kits:

Greenworks also offers combination kits that include a cordless chainsaw along with other compatible tools, such as leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, or string trimmers. These kits provide a comprehensive solution for multiple outdoor maintenance tasks.

8. Specialty Chainsaws:

Greenworks may offer specialty cordless chainsaw models with unique features tailored to specific cutting applications. These may include features like automatic chain tensioning, quick-release air filters, and adjustable chain lubrication systems.

9. Battery Voltage Options:

Greenworks cordless chainsaws are available in different battery voltage options, such as 24V, 40V, 60V, and 80V. Higher voltage models often provide more cutting power and longer runtime, making them suitable for heavier cutting tasks.

Features Of Greenworks Chainsaw

  • Brushless motor technology used by Greenworks Chainsaws provides great torque, robustness, and lifespan while requiring less maintenance.
  • When compared to a gas chainsaw, the Greenworks 40V Cordless Chainsaw creates 70% less vibration.
  • One cord of wood can be cut with a single charge because to the superior cutting torque.
  • The largest cutting diameter that can be recommend is 12 inches (30 cm)
  • The adaptable 40V battery allows you to quickly switch jobs another and works with all 40V Greenworks and Yardworks equipment. Not included is the bar oil.


  • Battery-Powered Operation: Greenworks cordless chainsaws are powered by lithium-ion batteries. This eliminates the need for fuel and reduces emissions, making them a more eco-friendly choice compared to gas-powered chainsaws.
  • Various Models: Greenworks offers a variety of cordless chainsaw models to cater to different cutting needs. These models come with different battery voltages, bar another lengths, and cutting capacities, allowing you to choose the one that aligns with your specific tasks.
  • Automatic Oiling System: Many Greenworks cordless chainsaws feature an automatic oiling system that lubricates the another chain and bar as you work. This ensures proper lubrication for smoother cutting and extends the life of the chain.


Greenworks places a strong emphasis on safety in the design and construction of their cordless chainsaws. While the specifics of safety features can vary based on the model, here are some common safety considerations and features you can expect when using a Greenworks cordless chainsaw:

1. Chain Brake

Many Greenworks cordless chainsaws are equipp with a chain brake. This safety feature stops the chain from another moving in the event of kickback or sudden movement, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

2. Low-Kickback Chain

Greenworks often includes low-kickback chains on their chainsaws. These chains have special designs that reduce the chances of the chain suddenly jerking upward during operation, which can lead to kickback.

3. Handguard

A handguard protects your hand from debris and accidental contact with the chain. It's an essential safety feature that helps prevent injuries to your hand while operating the chainsaw.

4. Ergonomic Design

Many Greenworks cordless chainsaw models feature ergonomic handles designed to reduce user fatigue and provide better control during operation. This design minimizes the risk of strain and discomfort during prolonged use.

5. Chain Catcher

A chain catcher is a safety feature that prevents the chain from coming off the bar in the event of chain derailment. This helps avoid unexpected chain dislodgment during operation.

6. Throttle Lock

Greenworks cordless chainsaws often have a throttle lock feature that allows you to lock the throttle in a certain position. This reduces hand fatigue during extended use by reducing the need to continuously press the throttle trigger.

7. Automatic Oiling System

While not a direct safety feature, an automatic chain oiling system helps ensure proper lubrication of the chain and bar. This contributes to smoother operation and reduced friction, which indirectly enhances safety.