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Shear Blades

Shearing, also known as die cutting, is a method of cutting stock that does not result in the formation of chips or the use of burning or melting. If the cutting blades are straight, the process is called shearing; if the cutting blades are curved, the operations are called shearing-type operations. Sheet metal and plates are the most commonly sheared materials. Rods, on the other hand, can be sheared. Blanking, piercing, roll slitting, and trimming are all shearing-type operations. Metal, fabric, paper, and plastics are all examples of materials that use it. The majority of shear blades used in metal fabrication are made of tool steel, with some made of high chrome or high carbon steel. Low alloy steel is commonly used to make scrap shear blades. We make knives and blades from a variety of these materials that are tailored to your needs. Carbon steel is usually the better choice for cutting tools such as knives, scissors, and blades. Here are some of the benefits: It is a very tough metal, but it is also softer than stainless steel. This means it can be sharpened to a finer edge and is more easily sharpened.