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Ridgid Cordless Combi Drill

When buying a Ridgid Cordless Combi Drill, it's important to consider your specific needs, budget, and the features that are essential for your tasks. Shop Now Ridgid Cordless Combi Drill  Ridgid offers a variety of Cordless Combi Drill models designed to cater to different requirements.

Ridgid's brushless driving combi kit is ideal for any homeowner or professional looking to increase the power of their torque-based tool set. Two 1.5 amp hour batteries and a charger are included, as well as a brushless drill.

There's also a case to keep everything together. A few features are included in the drill and impact driver to improve ergonomics and drilling accuracy. The hex tech micro grip, a rubber molding over their handles that improve handling even in slippery conditions, is one of these. They also have tool-free collets for quick bit switching, LED lighting for better visibility at night, and adjustable motors.


Ridgid offers a diverse selection of Cordless Combi Drills, each designed to meet the varying needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Known for their durability, performance, and innovative features, Ridgid Cordless Combi Drills are built to deliver reliable results across a wide range of drilling, screwdriving, and fastening tasks. Here's an overview of some prominent types within the Ridgid Cordless Combi Drill lineup:

Ridgid R86116 Cordless Combi Drill

Ideal for light to moderate tasks, this model features a compact design and lightweight build, making it suitable for tasks in tight spaces. With adjustable speed settings and a keyless chuck for swift bit changes, the R86116 offers versatility and ease of use for a range of applications.

Ridgid R86009 Cordless Combi Drill

Stepping up in power and capability, the R86009 is designed for more demanding applications. Equipped with a brushless motor, it offers improved efficiency and a longer tool lifespan. Multiple speed settings and adjustable torque settings enable precision and control.

Ridgid R86034 Cordless Combi Drill

Renowned for its versatility, the R86034 features a brushless motor for extended runtime and increased power output. Its ergonomic design enhances user comfort, while adjustable speed and torque settings, along with hammer drill mode, make it suitable for various tasks and materials.

Ridgid R8611501 Cordless Combi Drill

Combining power with performance, the R8611501 boasts a brushless motor for optimal efficiency. Variable speed control, adjustable torque settings, and hammer drilling capabilities ensure versatility and precise results, even in challenging scenarios.

Ridgid R86116K Cordless Combi Drill

Designed for heavy-duty applications, the R86116K comes with a high-capacity battery for extended runtime. Adjustable speed and torque settings, coupled with a rugged metal gearbox housing, make it a reliable choice for demanding projects.

Ridgid R8611503 Cordless Combi Drill

This high-performance model, featuring a brushless motor, provides superior efficiency and tool longevity. It encompasses adjustable speed and torque settings, hammer drill mode, and a compact design for enhanced user experience.


Ridgid Cordless Combi Drills are equipped with a range of features that enhance their performance, durability, and user-friendliness. These features are designed to make drilling, screwdriving, and fastening tasks more efficient and convenient. Here are some common features you can expect to find in Ridgid Cordless Combi Drills:

Brushless Motor Technology: Many Ridgid Cordless Combi Drills incorporate brushless motor technology, which provides higher efficiency, extended runtime, and increased tool longevity compared to brushed motors.

Variable Speed Control: Adjustable speed settings allow you to tailor the drilling or driving speed to the specific task and material. This feature ensures precision and prevents overdriving.

High Torque and Power: Ridgid Cordless Combi Drills are design to deliver high torque and power output, making them suitable for a wide range of drilling and fastening applications.

Hammer Action: Some models include hammer drilling capabilities, enabling you to drill into masonry materials like concrete and brick. This feature enhances the tool's versatility.

Adjustable Torque Settings: Adjustable torque settings prevent over-tightening of screws, allowing for precise fastening and protecting delicate materials.

Lithium-Ion Batteries: Ridgid Cordless Combi Drills often use lithium-ion battery technology, offering longer runtime and shorter charging times compared to traditional battery types.

Battery Life Indicator: Many models feature a battery life indicator, helping you monitor the remaining charge level and plan your work effectively.

Ergonomic Design: Ridgid tools are design with user comfort in mind. Cordless Combi Drills often have ergonomic grips and well-balanced designs to reduce fatigue during extended use.

Key Advantages

Ridgid Cordless Combi Drills offer a wide range of benefits that make them a valuable tool choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. These benefits stem from their innovative features, durable construction, and reliable performance. Here are some key advantages of using Ridgid Cordless Combi Drills:

Versatility: Ridgid Cordless Combi Drills are versatile tools that combine drilling, screwdriving, and sometimes hammer drilling capabilities. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple tools, saving space, and increasing efficiency in various applications.

Professional-Grade Performance: Ridgid is known for producing high-quality tools, and their Cordless Combi Drills are no exception. With powerful motors, high torque output, and precise controls, these drills deliver professional-grade performance for a wide range of tasks.

Brushless Motor Technology: Many models incorporate brushless motor technology, providing higher efficiency, longer tool life, and consistent power output. This technology ensures reliable performance and reduces maintenance needs.

Adjustable Speed and Torque: Ridgid Cordless Combi Drills often feature adjustable speed and torque settings, allowing you to customize the tool's performance to match the specific task and material. This precision prevents overdriving and ensures accurate results.

Hammer Drilling Capability: Some models come with hammer drilling functionality, making them suitable for drilling into tough materials like concrete and masonry. This expands the tool's capabilities and makes it suitable for a broader range of applications.

Ergonomic Design: Ridgid tools are design with user comfort in mind. Cordless Combi Drills often feature ergonomic grips, reducing user fatigue during extended use and enhancing overall efficiency.

LED Work Light: Integrated LED work lights illuminate the work area, enhancing visibility and accuracy, especially in low-light conditions. This feature improves productivity and ensures precise results.


Safety is a paramount concern when using any power tool, including Ridgid Cordless Combi Drills. These tools are design with several safety features and guidelines to ensure the well-being of users during operation. Here are some safety considerations and practices to keep in mind when using a Ridgid Cordless Combi Drill:

Read the User Manual: Familiarize yourself with the user manual that comes with the drill. The manual provides important safety instructions, usage guidelines, and maintenance recommendations specific to the tool model.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses, hearing protection, and gloves, to protect yourself from potential hazards, debris, and noise.

Secure Workpieces: Ensure your workpieces are securely clamp or held in place before drilling to prevent them from slipping or moving during operation.

Check Tool Condition: Before use, inspect the Cordless Combi Drill for any damage, wear, or defects. Damag tools should not be use and should be repaired or replaced.

Battery Safety: Use only Ridgid-approved batteries and chargers. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for charging and using batteries to prevent overheating, short-circuiting, and other battery-related issues.

Proper Grip: Hold the drill with a firm grip using both hands and maintain a balanced stance while operating. This ensures better control and reduces the risk of accidents.

Use the Right Accessories: Ensure you're using the correct drill bits, screwdriver bits, and accessories for the task at hand. Incorrect accessories can result in reduced performance or accidents.