Expensive Makita Guide Rail Online Canada 2022

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Makita Guide Rail

55-Inch Makita plunge saw guide rail Interacts with the saw base to give dead-on straight or bevel cutting that is smooth and precise.

When used with a Makita plunge circular saw, the Makita 39″ Plunge saw guide rail is a more portable solution for ripping sheet material than a table saw. The plunge saw (not supplied) interacts with the guide rail to deliver smooth, dead-on straight cuts. Makita 6-1/2 in. Plunge circular saws are compatible with this blade.
The plunge saw base is directly connected to the guide rail, resulting in smooth, dead-on straight or bevel cuts.
Ripping sheet material is a breeze with this tool.
When used in conjunction with the appropriate guide rail adaptor, select Makita circular saws, jig saws, and routers are compatible.
Guide rail connector kit and guide rail clamps are available as options.