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Energizer generator

Consider the following scenario: you unload your inverter generator without assistance, and no one yells at you to switch it off as it starts up. Every day, tens of thousands of our clients are affected by this problem. And they’re ecstatic. We do this using noise-cancelling mufflers that reduce volume to 50-59 decibels and a space-saving design that merges the alternator and the engine flywheel to reduce weight to a manageable 44 pounds. Save money on gas with eco mode, which reduces consumption without losing performance.

On devices under 425 watts, this is how you achieve 11. 5 hours of runtime. When you’re ready to ramp up to maximum power, the ezv2200p can run a 13a or 15a circular saw for four hours. The majority of people are unaware that when inverters overload, they lose pure sine power, putting smart gadgets at risk – energizer inverters, on the other hand, always keep pure sine power.

2200W Peak, 1700W Running with Parallel Capability VERSATILE POWER
QUIET TECHNOLOGY: Noise Canceling Mufflers and Dynamic Assist Engine Control reduce noise to 50-60 decibels (normal conversation volume); comparable to the red gen, but at a more affordable price.


At 44 pounds, it’s the lightest 2000W device on the market; the alternator and flywheel are merged to save space, weight, and back strain.

Electronic Protection:

Even when overloaded, it produces Pure Sine Wave power (less than 2% THD). Suitable for delicate medical equipment; For your smart devices, this is overkill.