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Poor automobile radio reception can be caused by a variety of factors, but if the problem is a weak signal, an antenna booster can help. Although you can’t “boost” the radio station’s signal, you can increase the gain after the antenna has picked it up, which, depending on the situation, might suffice.

If the problem is caused by obstructions, faulty automobile hardware, or other more difficult issues, a booster is more likely to increase the problem rather than solve it.

The Problem with Antenna Boosters in Automobiles

The fundamental issue with antenna boosters is that they don’t discriminate between what they boost and what they don’t. That is, if the signal entering the booster contains unwanted noise, the noise will be amplified along with the signal.

This is why most reception issues are unaffected by antenna boosters. If the station you wish to listen to has a lot of interference, using a booster will increase the interference as well as everything else.